Easter? Think Resurrection!


Some people allow the spring weather and the chocolate bunnies to cloud their vision of what this day, and every Sunday for that matter, is all about. It's about the actual physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from death.

Nearly two thousand years ago Jesus Christ rose from the dead after being crucified, then buried for three days. He appeared to over 500 of His disciples over a period of 40 days and then, as His Apostles watched in wonder, He ascended into heaven promising them that one day He would return.  This, in a very brief summary, of the story of Jesus' resurrection as it was recorded by the eyewitnesses and preserved in the New Testament for our instruction and edification.                         

1 Corinthians 15

Apostle Paul silences the doubters by reestablishing the fact that Jesus experienced a bodily resurrection witnessed by hundreds of faithful brethren; they shouldn't doubt this fact. He explains that this is a most significant fact in the Christian faith because our hope for forgiveness, resurrection and eternal life are based upon it.

 A resurrection done in a very public way. And why?

  • To prove once and for all time that He truly is the divine Savior.
  • To demonstrate that He was sinless and His sacrifice was sufficient to wipe away all of our sins.
  • To assure us that our resurrection was possible because His was accomplished.

What is left is to decide what each of us will do with the resurrection of Jesus:

  1. You can ignore it or deny it in which case you forfeit your own. You see if you reject Jesus' resurrection, there is nowhere else to go for life after death – He's the only savior who not only promises it, but He also backs up His promise with a demonstration of His power.
  2. You can believe it and obtain it for yourself. Jesus says in Mark 16:16, "Those who believe and baptized will be saved." This is the way to receive the promise of resurrection – believe that Jesus is the Son of God and obey His command to be baptized. Once you have done this, the Bible promises that all who remain faithful to Jesus to the end will receive resurrection and eternal life.
  3. Finally, if you find yourself drifting away from your faith… you can believe again. Some believe and respond to Christ but with time they begin to fade. They live more in this world and forget that death is coming and resurrection will be an important issue. If that is you, then I encourage you to believe again, be restored to Jesus through prayer and be filled with the hope and joy that comes with the knowledge that no matter what happens in this life, the resurrection is coming. 

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